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Has anybody heard of Hyperos, http://www.hyperos2002.com/

and what do you think of it, do you think it would work ok, I have my doubts.
I can see the point of duel booting two systems, my other computer does that, but who uses several operating systems on one computer.
or have I mised the point.
see ya


I may actually be insane.
Perhaps you could have different o/s's for different purposes, gaming/work would be an example, and another for just testing like a server o/s, and then linux and/or BSD as an alternative.

Personally I'm quite content with one Operating system, but each to their own :)


OSNN Advanced
I think you've missed the point. There are several reasons for multibooting on one machine:
Firstly, backup - if anything should go wrong and you're in a rush, you got a backup copy to use while the repair can wait.
Secondly, testing - a great way to test new software on one copy of the OS so that you can see where problems may hinder the performance of your system. Or maybe you just want to test the software to see if it suits your needs without affecting the stability of your main OS.

HyperOS 2003 is out for a while now, it's meant to support windows xp much better than previous versions.
I haven't had much experience with that software but I really want to get my hands on a copy. =)
It saves me the hassle of re-installing windows everytime I mess up on something.
The great thing about this piece of software is that if there is something you mucked up on inside windows, and it causes your system to become unstable, you can just copy a backup back on to the original drive (c:/) and it will run as if nothing has happened.
HyperOS is the best piece of software to run multi-OS without having to reboot at all - Yes, you can just boot into windows 98 from windows xp if you want.
It's a great way to test all the games and software to see which OS it can operate the best in.

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