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Hyperion 4.50 Drivers can Delete your Whole Filesystem!!!

Hey all,
According to Warp2search the new 4.50 VIA Hyperon Drivers can delete the whole filesystem on your harddrives if you have the ATI control center installed.

VIA have now pulled this driver, but we should get the info out there in case anyone decides to pick them up.

There is no official statement yet though from VIA.
From the Inquirer - still no movement from NTFS.... :mad:


Via apologises over Hyperion 4in1 drivers

Aperture closed

By INQUIRER staff: Monday 01 December 2003, 11:43

CHIP FIRM Via has apologised after it found version 4.50 of its Hyperion 4in1 drivers were discovered to have problems.
The drivers were posted recently on the Via Arena site but subsequently withdrawn when end users complained they were causing unforced errors.

Via issued a statement this morning apologising for the problem, apparently caused on systems with over 1GB of memory and ATI graphics card.

This is what Via wrote to the INQUIRER.

We would like to sincerely apologize for any problems that people have experienced with the Hyperion 4in1 4.50 drivers.

These drivers were removed from the download page on VIA Arena and from the VIA Arena ftp, once we started receiving reports of the drivers causing problems. These drivers were officially tested and certified by Microsoft and VIA to work correctly and efficiently with Windows Operating systems that have Microsoft certified drivers installed.

After detailed investigation of the issues that have been reported, we have found that they only occur with systems configured with 1GB or more of memory and an ATI graphics card where the AGP aperture has been set above 32MB.

We are currently working on a new revision of the driver that changes the default size of the AGP aperture to 32MB.

Once again, we would like to offer our deepest apologies for this issue



NTFS Stoner
it's not the 1st time they did this, and it was related to AGP over 32mb and ATI cards, pull your fingers out VIA girls.


OSNN Godlike Veteran
If you can give me a link to the article I'll post it. I'm at work and don't have time myself to look for it.
Yeah...I suffered this fate...well it didnt delete my filesystem but it hosed it up pretty good...installed the 4.50s and when I rebooted...it said it couldn't write data to this file and that file and wouldn't even let me login...I just reloaded the OS and then installed the 4.49 4-in-1s and all is good now.
UPADTE from TheInquirer...

Via releases upgrade to 4in1 drivers

Fix fixed

By INQUIRER staff: Tuesday 02 December 2003, 08:16

CHIP FIRM VIA has released an upgrade to its Hyperion 4in1 drivers, a day after it withdrew the previous rev because of compatibility problems.
Version 4.51 supersedes version 4.50, which the company admitted yesterday had some glitches.

The driver upgrade can be found in the usual place.

We noticed the notice at AMD Zone. ยต

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