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Hurricane Katrina


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Just got off the phone with my friend who lives in New Orleans. He was able to get a flight out last night. He lives in an apartment so he really will not lose alot. he made it to Chicago to his family house. THis is a really bad one. half a million people ordered mandatory evacuation. It is being said the city will be destroyed...: ...man very sad news:(


Blame me for the RAZR's
Every time I see/read this type of news, it reminds me of 'The Day After Tomorrow'.

its one big SOB my girls family is all from new orleans too. so its not a happy night.. she has uncles trying to ride it out..
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the_music_man said:
.does anybody know which day its suppose to hit new orleans?
It will hit Monday morning..

I'll be getting some rain from it wednesday here in michigan
I love the oysters down there. Go Saints !

(Shakes ignoring pending doom, looks on the good things that New Orleans has to bring.... like beads.... lots and lots of beads)

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