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HUGE PROBLEM - help me please....


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Ok guys I've tried everything and exhausted my knowledge here so I hope someone here knows a lot more than I do so I can get this problem fixed. Otherwise the only thing I can think of is that this motherboard is dying and I need a new one?

I formatted my hard drive because windows would not boot, I assume it somehow became corrupted. After reinstallation of windows as always I had to reinstall my network card drivers, the Intel Pro/1000 CT which is onboard with my Intel D875PBZ MB. Now the card worked fine before the format.

Now here's where it gets weird. Sometimes the internet works, sometimes it doesn't. Reinstalling drivers will have the internet work for 5minutes, maybe an hour. Restarting will sometimes have it working for a short time also. Sometimes I also get a code 10 error stating that windows cannot properly communicate with the device. Thought I'd add here that certain programs are able to connect to the internet at times for example Steam (used for counterstrike) but during this time IE will not work. Or MSN, AIM will work but IE will not.

Ok so now after all this I move back home 4 hours away from my college. Same problem (which isn't really a surprise). So I assume my network card is fried somehow on the motherboard. Buy a new one. A Cicero 10/100 Fast Ethernet Adapter. Now the hardware should be automatically detected by windows to install but it was not. So I manually installed the hardware and drivers. Guess what? Code 10 error again, only this time it will not move at all from this code 10 error. So I think disabled the OnBoard LAN in the BIOS thinking that somehow there was a hardware conflict. Same problem. So I uninstalled the drivers and moved the Cicero card to a different PCI slot and to my surprise windows automatically detected the card and had the drivers installed. So now I was thinking I was in the clear.

I was wrong...even with the new card correctly installed I had all my previous connectability problems the exact same as the OnBoard Card. Scanned for a bootsector virus using Norton 2004 with all the updates even though this was a fresh install.

Ok so now as a last ditch effort I decided to flash the motherboard BIOS with the latest version. Did that successfully and still didn't fix the problem.

Thanks in advance everyone.
did you try changing the cat 5 wire from the NIC to wherever it is going with a known good wire. or have you tested the wire. (sometimes its the simple things that kill our brain)
well that was a long complaint, i think your motherbaord is messed up in that case as you said try using another computer's motherboard and see if everything works fine


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Well like I said in the first post...the one card is onboard, didnt work. Bought a new one, and that one had the same problems as the onboard card.
no i mean do you have any pci cards in there... like audio cards or usb cards or anything else that MIGHT make a hardware conflict? I would only put that one PCI NIC card in, if that is all you have in your PCI slots then im running out of ideas


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Just a sound card. But given that was there before the format and everything was fine I dont see that being a problem.
well... it doenst hurt to try ... i had a sound card conflict with a NIC which made the NIC not work.... long story short.... they just couldnt work together... i suggest giving it a try.. other then that i have nomore options.. besides checking the IRQ settings and all that fun stuff :)


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Just a thought, but I've encountered spyware that corrupts the windows networking drivers. It might be worth getting a copy of lavasoft adaware (or your favourite spyware removal tool) and running it through, see if it picks up anything
go into device manager... at the top click view then "resources by connection"
2 devices should not have the same IRQ or I/O address there are some acceptions to the IRQ sharing tho. but you can always change the irq of the nic if its shared just for hte fun of it :) ..... i may be stretching here... maybe we over looked something silly but i cant think of anything else, besides plug and play should do this automatically.(assign IRQ and I/O address) but you never know?


That is a good website i quickly find that will help you IF your problem is related to a hardware conflict....


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Do you connect to the net via a router or Hub, if so connect directly. I would also try and format reinstall windows AGAIN, before you buy a new motherboard, who knows maybe you delselected something by mistake? Also i assume you have tcp/ip installed.


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Connected directly to the cable modem...didnt fix problem...taking it into the shop for a new mobo hopefully right now...ill let yall know how it goes.

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