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Http or FTP? Techie question...


OSNN Senior In Progress
My question is a techie one....

When I click "Save Target As" on
a link in say IE....and start
downloading....am I

a) doing a HTTP transfer? or
b) doing a FTP transfer ?

To my knowledge...FTP protocol
needs a login and also supports
anonymous. Hmmm...so
which one is it? is the
answer A? Thanks for any info....

MCSE Certified Noob


OSNN Advanced
You should be able to see the link status in the status bar when you hover over it.
Not all ftp downloads require a log in.

It could be http OR ftp. Just depends on where the distributer wants to store and distribute the file.


Time Dr. Freeman?
when you download something it usually says what addresss you'redownloading it from when it asks you where to save the file...it'ssimple, if you see an http in the address then it's http, if you seeand ftp in the address it's an ftp.

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