HTTP 404 "page cannot be found" custom screen?


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I came across a website that had modified the "page cannot be found" screen. It was quite funny, and I'd like to make that page come up whenever a page can't be found. I know that the screen has to do with the "Show friendly HTTP messages..." is there a way to change that page?

HTTP 404 Message


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So, the 404 page is actually customized by whoever is running that site? If so, then that means I can't change the 404 pages huh? What about the 500 page (page cannot be displayed)... can it be customized?


Sorry muzikool

My mistake, I scan read your post a bit too quickly.

Yes the content of the 404 page, if it's customised, is in the hands of the webmaster for the site in question.

As far as other error screens & codes go I'm guessing, as I don't know, that they are standard responses that can't be changed?


It should be possibly to change the standard error message pages. Either by resource hacking shdoclc.dll. Open the file in Resource Hacker and look in subfolder 23. Or maybe it is possible to change the entries in the registry at

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\AboutURLs

Did not do it myself yet and don't have the time now to test, but hope you can use this as first hint.

(I think there is also a program that changes this. Can't find it at the moment. Search for 'URL about customizer' or something similar. ....Found it


the page is stored in shdoclc.dll like he said above
get yaself a copy of resource hacker and edit the html inside thats all


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Ok yeah, I took a look at the Properties for the page and found that it was stored in shdoclc.dll... I just didn't know how to edit it. I will get a hold of resource hacker and give it a try. Thanks for the info!


Hey I need some help.

I edited shdoclc.dll in ResHack and then go to replace it with the existing copy in system32 and it replaces the old one but then XP goes and puts the old one in place of the new one. It must not like the fact that I am trying to change one of its files but how do I get around this? I don't see what I need to edit (http_404.htm) in the registry so I can't use that avenue.

Suggestions? Thanks.

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You will have to unhide your system files. You will then find the file in here also>
Rename/delete/move it then try again.
Might be best to do a search for hidden files in case it is somewhere else. That's why xp keeps replacing the hacked one.


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if iis then properties page for website, custom errors tab.......
create the page you want to be there and then repoint the error to that page
leave all old ones alone so you can always reset to default

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