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helping someone look for a remote one would use for an htpc (home theater pc). RF would be nice but IR is good too. usb connection for the receiver preferred. ideally we're looking for one with a directional pad so you can contol the cursor and basically do away with the mouse entirely.

SoundGraph has the iMON which is IR and the receiver is sort of ugly.

ATI has the Remote Wonder but it's getting old and it's not clear if it only works with radeons or not.

and they're both kinda pricey. anyways, it'd be nice to find some other options. thanks. }:>
I can pledge for the ATi Remote Wonder. I love it.

The Remote Wonder II won't be available in any quantities for a while.
Also it doesn't really seem too dated. ATi is continuing driver development, and the remote works in a wide variety of programs! it's also RF... great product


hardware monkey
oh, so the remote wonder II is still very new and that's why it can't be found. i assumed it only came with new AIW cards. do we know if the first RW works with any video card? i would think it would but ATI says, "Compatible with all RADEON graphics products", though it doesn't list a radeon in the requirements.

thanks for the link, dreamliner... and for the testimony, goatman.

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