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HTML Question



Are there any good editors out ther besides "Coffe Cup HTML Editor" CoffeCup is great and has a lot of feature + goodies, but is there any other? Thank You very Much In Advancement.
homesite catch23 likes.. dreamweavers populer as well... one good feature about homesite catch was saying is that you can preview it with out saving it which sounds handy


Macromedia Dreamweaver MX is the king of HTML WYSIWYG editors, although it does cost about $200. You can download a 30 day trial of it from www.macromedia.com

Front page, from Microsoft, is slowly getting better, but not really that good.

I'd go for dreamweaver, you wont regret it


You know guys, and gals... don't count out Microsoft FrontPage. Its a beautiful little WYSIWYG editor or you can work in design view and it has a preview mode. You can edit a site live. You don't have to use the tacky site templates and all that crap. I use it as my code editor. Its easy to create tables and forms in the design view and then I can slip into code view and add my ASP. Everyone is always down on FrontPage and says they can see a FrontPage site coming from a mile away. I disagree.

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Thinmk I like about frontpage is the colour coding in teh HTML editor... ;) But I guess they all have those, otherswise I stick to notepad.


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I use EditPlus, its a general editor, but has built in support for html, can preview in editor an such, plus can dowload addons for syntax highligting and autocompletion for almost any programming language.


Dreamweaver all the way, Frontpage is for retards(only joking, retards proberly use word)
dreamweaver mx, best 70% of pros cant be wrong.
can view code&WYSIWYG windows at same time, drag something into view, watch it write the code. or vise versa. also click it and can go from new mx layout (all docked windows) to d4's style with its 20 pallet windows, lol to homesite/coldfusion studio view for plain coding.....
also hinting is nice, start to type a tag, it suggests what you are typing and puts closing tag automatically. studio mx is best then you have all the programs working together (dw, fireworks, freehand, flash, coldfusion)
if you do coldfusion its the only one to use


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what the hell is WYSIWYG?

I use frontpage and that ugly resource hog in Access.... (build a lot of Data Access Pages) I still need a good PHP editor too, so if anyone using one tell me... I prefer color code highlighting....


I'm sorry Hal...
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What You See Is What You Get <-WYSIWYG

just means editors which write the HTML for you, you just type the and draw what you want

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