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Hello everyone,

I have finally found out how I want to do my website. I have a little experience so this is how I plan to have my website done. Basically, I have two HTML (or whatever type, as long as it can do what I want, and on a apache server with PHP.. no ASP) files that shall read off a XML file. Basically, I want the XML file to look like this (Note the order it's in)
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
      <text>Happy new year.. blah blah</text>
      <text>Added some section... blah blah</text>
      <text>Meh, no news today. sorry mate...</text>
And it shall be formatted into a website like this [Note the Bold, Font size, and order of the news] [the date should be -1 size font.. didn't show up properly]

Meh, no news today. sorry mate...

Added some section... blah blah

Happy new year.. blah blah
and so on. The first HTML website should do the exalt same, with white background and black text. Font doesn't need to be defined. Second one should read off the same website, same size and bold with the font, only background text should be black, font being white.

Basically, i need help with thise code. I have the XML done, need to get the HTML or similar done...




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Hmm well if I remember a while back I got a system up and running, basically a html (or xhtml.. whatever) read off a xml file, and filled out a table, if the table boarder is '0' than it looks like normal text. only thing would be organizing it so that the recent news is at the top.. More help would be nice, i'll keep you guys posted.



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Ok, I just need a little bit of help. I can't remember what I need to put in the table header to make sure it uses the XML file, and what to put in the table cells to make it grab specfic info from the xml file..

[/end mumbling..]


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