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HTML newsletters???



Hi Guys..

Can Anyone please tell me how I can make Professional HTML Newsletter.. Like we receive from any Pro web site when we scribe for newsletter...

So what software they use..??
How they send mails to everyone.?
Or how they store e-mails address??
What e-mail client they use?
Is it like mail merge??

Thanks for your help :p


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some people jsut use a group mailer like the one yahoo has. that way you can write a mail and then send it to a list of people that signed up. Most professionals have databases of email adresses. they just send them to all the poeple they have in the database. They jsut type the email in html and send the html email.



Hi Xpfreak,

Can you be more clear..
Like what software they use to write HTML E-mail?
and how they put everyone e-mail address..?

See If i creat a HTML Web page and if I use outlook express.. I can Insert that web page and send to everyone In my address book... Right?
But how to send everyone one by one like we do mail merge in word???

Anyone have any idea... plzzzz



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sorry but i dont know what sofware to use. I used to do this through my website with this special provider but they quit so i dont have a newsletter anymore.

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