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HTC Advantage 7500/7501


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Have an unlocked HTC Advantage 7500 updated to windows mobile 6 which makes it the 7501.

also comes with tomtom navigator 6 and a 2meg memory card (both were additional cost). TomTom navigator 6 is about 200 bucks by itself i think.

i even have an original ATT unlimited airtime plan id be interested in selling (transfer responsiblity) but i think the number might have to stay the same 312 area code. all together ..great for a business. charter unlimited airtime is 99.99/month ..and yes ..really unlimited ..talk 8000minutes ... still 99.99


if youre interested in this beast ... you probably know what it should cost. Heres one on ebay http://cgi.ebay.com/HTC-ADVANTAGE-x...hash=item180216041172&_trksid=p3286.c58.l1288
i will take any reasonable offer for the phone with tomtom 6 and the card. I have pictures and can show it on webcam as well if you would like.

Im thinking 450-500ish everything included plus freight for the phone but does not include the rateplan.
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