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so I got a little frustrated with the camera on my evo 4g, it compresses video for no reason what so ever and has a very poor frame rate on top of that, I can adjust the frame rate but I do not think there is any way to keep the camera from compressing video

I got carried away reading specs on the 3d, then I read some "speculative" features from the new hardware that had me all enamored and I didn't realize they were just fantasizing

what I read was that the if you chose , 3d hardware could overlay the two camera images and instead of 3d you could get 10 megapixel 2d with great low light sensitivity

nope, it only uses one camera for 2d mode and I can't find anyone who's written any software that will use both, or even if it's possible to get the two camera angles to overlay into the same frame with no distortion, that combined with the fact that the 3d is 5 megapixels and the 4g is 8 (note... the lense or software doesn't really support 8 megapixels and the quality pics comparing the two phone cameras side by side is close)

in all, the phone is faster between tasks but not so much faster that you must get this if you have the evo

3d video is cool(at least once) but if you don't have a 3d set up on your big screen the only place you can watch the movies you take will be on your phone and the perspective margin for viewing is too narrow to really enjoy yourself

also, there isn't too much in phone 3d content, for instance the gui is 2d and i guess there are a few 3d games and movies but again, you have to situate yourself pretty specifically to enjoy the third dimension

I say skip the 3d phone unless you have a 3d setup in home, the superior hardware specs do not help enough to ditch your previous android unless your phone is already on it's last leg

I'm bringing this one back pronto

Perris Calderon

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so three d green hornet came free as part of the package, am watching that now on the phone

I don't see how peeps can watch movies on their phone, this is the biggest phone screen I know about and it's really not much fun watching a movie on it

the three d in the movie is hardly effective at all on the phone as well

the more I use this phone the less useful the new features are

Perris Calderon

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I brought my 3d back and swapped to my 4g, the screen is cracked (easy to do, it's glass, beware) so I invoked my replacement insurance and guess what?

in the mail today came a 3d

a little peeved, I had an extended battery for the 4g and it doesn't fit the 3d nor do they make one, the performance is not really that superior to te 4g and I would rather have the old phone with the extended battery

anyway, I am back to the 3d, this time it was free (almost, deductable 100 bucks)

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