HP urner NEEDS Roxio to run ?!??!?!



Hope some of you tech guys can help me out. Got a freind who bought an HP Athlon system last year with an HP burner (ok, I know it's a repackaged burner....Teac or NEC I think) but here's the problem he seems to be facing. He's under the impression that he can ONLY run the HP burner WITH the Roxio software that apparently came with the system. As far as I know, it's not an HP BRANDED version of Roxio, just plain application. Now, first off...is this illegegal to make hardware that ONLY runs on "propietary" software from ANOTHER COMPANY?? And 2nd, do any of you have any ideas how he can get the burner to work in XP using other programs like Nero (my fav) and such ?? He seems to be having REAL problems getting the thing to work outside of Roxio and he's tried just about everything I can think of, and he got NOWHERE with HP tech support !!
That would be hard for HP to make it only work with roxio...make sure he has the version of nero...to make a burner only work with one software would take a special firmware on the burner that roxio would then have to support in their app.


most builds of xp do not include an aspi layer. go to the roxio website and install this and you should be able to run any burning software you like (e.g. cdrwin, fireburner, clonecd, nero, roxio, etc.)

Mr Confused

My problems quiet similar, I may have a solution, I've trawled round the net all day and found a aspi layer, Roxio are no help at all incase you've got version 4 of cd creator. I'll let you know if the aspi layer works.


Try this....
Find out the exact manufacturer of the drive (device manager should tell you) then use a good search engine like Google to find a firmware update. That should sidestep the propriatary firmware HP put on the drive at the factory. After that the drive should work with ANY burning software, with the possible exception of "bundled" software that came with another drive.