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HP Scanjet 3200c Parallel Port



Cool forum--sure to spend alot of time here.
The above scanner has forever given me troubles installing under w2k/xp (I have a 2boot box & w2k OR xp on another).I have even read the instructions AND followed them for instal with the latest from HP (sj648 & sj647). EEP mode is what's called for, but I have Normal/bi & ECP also. I have tried installing the drivers 1st then the device and vice-versa. There is nothing on the pass-thru port. I have tried screaming at it. I have bought it flowers. Eventually I get it to work and then it is fine until I reload a win flavor (I can't stand a system that is running perfectly, so I tinker until it is (*^(%&'ed up beyond repair) which is OFTEN.
In a nutshell, when I execute the scanning app it reports "scanner not found" even though it is listed under imaging devices/hardware mngr. Anybody got a nugget? (besides letting the moth's out of my wallet and buying a new one?) -rw


Welcome to the forums... unfortunately if the scanner is not on the hcl list from M$ or the manufacturer has not updated any drivers for it, it will most likely not work. I had similar problem with a scanner someone gabe to me. No new drivers and not on the list. Checked out all the info i cold find on the thing but no one was able to get it to work w/ 2k or XP Lucky for me the scanner was given to me so I didnt have to shell out a dime. I fear your case might be the same.

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