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hp printer


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Hi i have a hp 880c printer but it has no ink levels shown does any one no of a link to a program that would show this !!!
Does the printer support ink level indication? Those things are mostly pot shots anyway. Best way to know the level is when the ink acctually runs out. ;)


I have a HP PSC 500 and the software and drivers from disk can't be used on XP, XP provides them.


There is no answer!
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are you saying the ink lvl indicator is showing no ink, or there is no indicator at all?

If there is an idicator and its empty, but you know there is ink in the cartridge, did you take the cartridge out after you put it in then installed it again, this will lead to a no show on the indicator. Like Mr Howard said, you'll need the HP drivers to show the ink lvl.

HP no longer supports those drivers as XP has them, so....


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no i have no program at all and can not find one it would just be nice to no roughly when a replacement cartridge is due


Go here and click on the 'Automatically detect my products' button it will install an active X and will scan for what you have connected (printer) and display what you need.

Software to consider also here check to see if your printer is supported and download a trial, test it out if you like it, then buy it.

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