hp printer problems

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Just installed Windows XP

I have an HP 2100 Laserjet with a parallel cable.

My Laptop (dell inspiron- 3 months old) picked up the printer once I plugged in the cable, installed the software, works perfectly.

My desktop (dell dimension - 5 months old) does not recognize the printer when I connect the cable, and although I have updated the driver with an xp compatible, the printer will not work with the desktop. The printer worked perfectly with old OS - windows me. I have removed the old drivers, installed the new ones, tried everything I could think of, still no luck .

any help would be greatly appreciated!



Well if you look at the HP website it states that it should just recognize it but you couldn't install the software. My printer is an old one and it was running in Windows 3.1 when I had it. It is still running now!!!


2 Dec 2001
That's a peculiar problem. Is your Printer Port (LPT1) showing up ok in Device Manager - no errors? You might try swapping cables if you have another one, and of course make sure everything is seated correctly.

I noticed in windows "add printers" wizard, and at HP's driver downloads, that there are 3 drivers for the 2100 series. The HP LaserJet 2100, the HP LaserJet 2100 PCL 5e, and the HP LaserJet 2100 PCL 6. Have you tried all of these? Just curious, i have an old LaserJet 4P and its been one of those things that i never have to worry about. Hope you get yours working soon.


HP printers

I had a similar prob w/my HP DJ1120C. After XP upgrade, i naturally installed the Win2K driver since there wasn't one listed for XP at the HP site. But still wouldn't work. On checking start/printers, I found 2 1120c printers installed. So I deleted both, restarted and reinstalled HP driver. Still no joy. Once again, found 2 1120c's in the printers folder. Solution, delete both printers; reboot and XP finds and installs drivers; do not install anything else. Try printing and should work fine. A friend also had same prob with Lexmark printer; XP was detecting and installing, then he was installing a second time. Hope this helps.


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18 Jul 2008
I purchased a HP color inkjet printer over a year ago. It is one of the all-in-one models. I barely used it for printing, mainly for scanning and ocassionaly for photo copying. Yesterday, I turned it on and tried to print something, it gave me an error message: "Error: Right cartridge incorrect." After a few reboot of the printer, the message doesn't go away, and it blocks all printing and photo-copying tasks. I then called HP support line and they were going to charge me $30 for the support call but I told them I can spend extra $20 to buy another printer, and the support staff paused for a few second and suggested me TO DO SO! Anyway, I then tried to clean the printer from inside out, Air-brushed every inch of the machine, cotton cleaned (with alcohol) the cartridge connecting heads and electronic clips. But nothing helped. I then turned to the Internet...
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8 Apr 2003
some printers have had chips put in them to check and see if you are using the makers ink or a cheap replacement, might be its wrongly detecting a cart as no being legit and is kicking up, also i would say the support stuff are a bunch of twats.

I would write to the company and say how disgusted you are with the service and have opted to buy a new printer (different make) and that you will not use their products again.


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25 Jan 2003
Take out the cartridges and reseat them. The smart chip contacts could have gotten corroded.

A more common error would have been "out of ink" at which point MFC's start refusing to do anything until the ink is replaced. The scam from hell, especially since every time you turn a printer on it wastes ink doing a "continuous cleaning".

Are you sure no one installed a generic cartridge as a replacement to an HP cartridge?

PS I feel for you I was screwed by a Brother I wanted as a fax send and scanner after the head clogged but it refused to do anything unless I installed fresh ink cartrdiges which it would drain in 3 months just from powering it up. I will never buy another brother product, ever.

The EU needs to crack down on the printer scams (US government is too stupid to think about ecology and toxic waste).


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27 Jul 2009
Where as I think the printer which you've install in your pc, that software is not relevent to the operating system due to which its creating problem. Try to install the exact software of your printer in your pc.


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