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Review HP Pavilion dv6 - A More In-Depth Review


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As I’ve had more time to work and play with the HP Pavilion dv6, I thought I would write a little more in-depth review.


I’m sure most of you are aware that I am not a huge gamer, perhaps the proper terminology would be “I’m a non-gamer”. Would you be shocked to learn that the only games I really play are free, online, word games? No, I didn’t think you would be surprised. But to test this baby out and see its true potential I installed The Sims3 along with several of the expansion packs. You can laugh all you want but if you haven’t played any of The Sims games, you have no idea how much processing power these games require or the advanced graphics involved. I can hear my daughter now, begging me to give her the HP dv6 laptop just for the shear fact that The Sims3 runs flawlessly. That, combined with the ability to plug in a HMDI cable and play games as well as watch Blu-ray movies on your television, this laptop is truly a dream come true for a gamer, graphics designer and entertainment buffs. Click here for more detail on the ATI’s Mobility Radeon HD 4650.


[/DIVRIGHT]Although I’ve seen and worked with this feature on HP mini Vivienne Tam edition and HP Pavilion dv2, I must admit I haven’t mentioned it. An oversight on my part but I’m talking about it now. I first noticed this tiny rectangle of a button, which is located between the trackpad and the keyboard, on the HP mini Vivienne Tam edition. When I powered on the laptop it was illuminated with a blue LED light and when depressed the LED turned red but this still didn’t explain to me what this strange button was for? Then it hit me, try using the trackpad with the button was illuminate blue and red, duh! The tiny button is to turn the trackpad on and off. What a brilliant idea! Whoever thought of this is a genius in my book. Now I can type without that pesky mouse jumping all around the screen and driving me bananas.

Operating System

The HP Pavilion dv6 comes preloaded with Windows Vista Ultimate. I’ve been running Windows XP Professional ever since it was released way back when, and didn’t have any plans to upgrade to Windows Vista mainly because I can’t afford it. Trying out Vista has been different to say the least. While I dislike a lot about Vista, mainly the time it takes to boot up, there are a few features I rather like. The Start menu, although similar in many ways to Windows XPs Start menu, I find it easier to find programs. I think the feature I like the most is how the windows allow you to preview the programs before clicking on them just by mousing over.

Fingerprint Reader


[/DIVRIGHT]Another cool feature on the HP Pavilion dv6 is the fingerprint reader, which is embedded on the lower right-hand corner of the computer, almost seems futuristic. After running through the setup steps, where you have to scan at least 2 different fingerprints, I setup the dv6 so I can log on by either typing my password or scanning my finger. It’s very convenient but I’m waiting for HP to bring out the retinal scanner! The only issue I’ve had with the fingerprint scan is I swipe too quickly and it doesn’t recognize me.

Excellent Audio

You can’t really tell from the image but the speakers on the HP Pavilion dv6 aren’t your normal laptop speakers. The speakers stretch across the entire length of the keyboard and takes up all the space between the keyboard and the screen.

Although I don’t use sound very often, I hate all the little dings and beeps; the quality of sound that’s emitted from these is excellent. I’ll have to start playing my music while cleaning to occupy my mind and help me get through cleaning quicker.

The Touch Sensitive Volume is handy and useful. The only problem I’ve found is the clicking noise you get when adjusting the volume from the keyboard. Ok it’s not a problem just an annoyance, but it’s even more annoying in the middle of a song or movie.

Syncables Mobile Desktop 5

How many of us have purchased an external hard-drive to back up our documents, photo, or music? I actually have several external hard-drives lying around, yes I’m a geek, but they became invaluable especially when I had to reformat a computer (usually my younger daughters). You just plugged it into a spare USB port then transferred or copied the data from your internal hard-drive to the external one and, viola!

As we all know, technology changes daily. What was new and exciting yesterday is old news today. It’s either been replaced by something far superior or has been updated leaving the older version blowing in the wind.
That’s the case with the external hard-drive. Today’s new and improved way of transferring or copying your data is syncable software.

Syncables Mobile Desktop 5 is a program designed to take the hassle out of keeping your computers in sync. The idea being that no matter which computer on your network you decide to use, with the click of the mouse any of the others will also be updated with your changes. Simply install Syncables Mobile Desktop 5 on your various computers and choose how and what to share with each computer. You can transfer your data one-way or two-way depending on your needs.

For now Syncables Mobile Desktop 5 is limited to your local network, hopefully future versions will include things like web syncing and mobile versions too.

If you just have all your files in the music, videos, documents and pictures folders then set-up is fairly easy, just click to share and you’re good to go. Your first sync can take some time so if you have plenty of documents, keep that in mind before you start.

Syncables Mobile Desktop 5 can be a hair pulling experience from a user standpoint. The software looks good, but I find it a little confusing at first (I’m not a manually reading type person). Just keep in mind you'll need to set aside time to be comfortable with it.

There are a lot of options with Syncables Mobile Desktop 5 and if you've got the time to set them up you can be as fussy or laidback about what to share as you like. Certain file extensions can be included or excluded. You can sync each day, month, week or do it manually.

The need to have the software running permanently may well be the biggest drawback of Syncables Mobile Desktop 5.

Don’t get me wrong, Syncables Mobile Desktop 5 does a stellar job, however it does take a bit of work to get everything set and running and not all the menus are clear. However, there is a great deal of potential with this application.


The HP Pavilion dv6 isn’t as compact as the HP Mini hence why they’re being advertised and sold as a package (you can buy them separately too). You can carry the HP Mini to and from school or work and simply sync the Mini up with the dv6 when you get home. Then, if you happen to lose, damage, or otherwise need to replace either laptop, it’s a simple click of the mouse and, viola, your data is back.

Although the HP Pavilion dv6 has a keyboard with numeric keypad, it doesn’t take up much space and is much lighter than your average laptop with the same configuration.

I’m sure as time goes on I will have had more time to play and work with the HP Pavilion dv6 and even more to write about. For now, I will move on to the HP Mini 110 for a few days or weeks so I can do a more in-depth review of that.
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We need to get you some games Jewelzz! Anyone got any suggestions?

Once again, jumping to the defence of Vista, the shutdown and startup speed should really be irrelvent, do you really ever need to shut it down? What does it do when you close the lid? Sleep! What does it do when you open the lid? Wakes up! Regardless, you missed the boat - its time for Windows 7.

I am curious to know if you could use the finger pprint scanner and use a password, I love the idea of signing on with a greasy paw, but the way my network shares work across the network I would need the same password, I guess I could change my username on the laptop if I had one, but why have extra files when you don't need them!

My first proper speakers were Altec Lansing, so I am a big fan and was amazed at the quality when I went from my first cheap plastic speakers to a proper set. Sadly when I moved them back to the UK they made the kind of bang that could have only sounded better coming out of it's own subwoofer.

Syncables doesn't sound like the kind of thing I need personally, I don't shift data around and generally when I do I have a web server (around somewhere) that I can move data to or a mobile that never leaves my side. I would love to hear of some specific examples of scenarios in which it would be useful. I can think of working on a desktop/large notebook and knowing without a doubt that your other wireless devices will have that very same file the moment you leave the house - any other examples?
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Although I'm not reviewing Vista when you're in a hurry and want or need to get something done on the computer, boot up time, even out of hibernation, does matter... to me.

As for Syncables, I would love love love it if I could sync with my iPhone, the possibilities would be endless for me because like you, my mobile doesn't leave my side.

You can set-up the fingerprint scanner to to log you into websites as well as your laptop or, as I have, disable that function. I found it annoying to have to constantly swipe my finger for every site I visit. Then again, I live alone and don't need to keep kids or snooping significant others out of my business :p


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Jewelzz! How's it going dear Lady :)? Awesome review on that Pavilion. I hear you about the fingerprint scanner. Your not the only one that has to swipe multiple times to get authentication. I just tell folks log in the old fashion way.


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Jewelzz! How's it going dear Lady :)? Awesome review on that Pavilion. I hear you about the fingerprint scanner. Your not the only one that has to swipe multiple times to get authentication. I just tell folks log in the old fashion way.
doing well Terrahertz, hope all is well with you too. I think my problem with swiping my finger, as with most everything, I'm inpatient and need to learn to slow down.


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yeah thank you for taking the time to write this out. i was considering one of these but i currently have an HP and was wondering if the same old problems might arise.


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yeah thank you for taking the time to write this out. i was considering one of these but i currently have an HP and was wondering if the same old problems might arise.
What problems elatsch? I haven't encountered any issues but might be able to address your concerns if you tell me what they are.


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Hi Jewelzz,

Your review makes me want to go out and buy this product, if only I had the money. I was nodding my head when you said: you didnt like noise. I'm with you on that!
I am not a geek but you explain things so even this old gal can understand it.


OSNN One Post Wonder
This post is really nice.It completely tells the whole story about hp pavilion dv6.
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