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HP Mini 1000 & OSX86


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With HP giving away a ton of HP Mini 1000s all over the interwebs, I started thinking would it be possible to give the mini the msi wind treatment and get it to run OSX86? I was wondering if any of you have managed to get it done or seen evidence of it in the wild. Check out out this link to see how someone got it done with a lenovo s10 netbook; http://s10lenovo.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=571.


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Please note: OSx86 is an illegal project, so while you may discuss whether it will run on certain hardware, please no links nor guides on how to install the software. Thanks!


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Dear X-Istence,

There's nothing illegal about downloading software you own a license to use. After all, you don't own the software, only a license to use it, and thus how you get hold of it is irrelevant.

And the clause requiring installation on Apple labelled hardware would be laughed out of court in most countries where, very sensibly, reverse engineering to allow compatibility is legal.

Thus here in Spain its not a problem.
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