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HP Laserjet 3300

I have a problem, every time i try to print something, this printer keeps printing me "giberish" like trianges, shapes, and 8 balls. Really weird stuff, well it would print those things as my text like little shapes and what nots as my text, or my whole document. All drivers are updated, any suggestions?
1) It could be the printer setup in the printer. If the unit was a return or one at work somebody may have changed the internal settings (font over ride to non-text type, changed data transfer format, there is usually a "reset defaults" option on the menu system).

2) The printer firmware is upgradable-check for a botched firmware flash.

3) HP has a Help on problems with multiple TWAIN compliant devices interfering with each other.

4) Bad data cable.

Isolate some of the above by doing a printer self test page printout from the printers control panel.

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