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HP LaserJet 3300 Drivers

I seem to have misplaced my CD drivers for my HP LaserJet 3300, and i wanted to know where i could get another one. I know i know, HP has them online, but they are only driver updates not the acual drivers themselves. So any ideas where i can get HP LaserJet 3300 drivers online? Instead of paying 10$ for a stupid cd.
Ya, i tried this, these arn't .exe files. you can't install with these drivers. i have no idea where to get HP full driver install.


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They should extract to c:\lj3300 by default. You can point the printer to that directory and it will pick up the drivers.

Some don't actually install software, usually only devices with multi-functional capabilities.
I tried that, when it said to install the printer, i directed the install to the drivers folder on my C: where the files were extracted =/


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Does it not recognize the drivers as being compatible with your hardware?

Do you have a USB or LPT connection?

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