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hey, i have an HP computer which i just bought.. and hp
didnt give me an xp cd or a drivers cd, which i didnt realize
until after i had to reformat the drive. now my keyboard's
features dont work.. (the buttons at the top e.g. volume control).
I just was wondering if anyoen knows where i can install it from.
or if someone ordered that cd that is for free (i think) that has all
of the drivers, could send me an image of it or rip files off of it for
my computer.

HP Pavilion 750c
Keyboard model: 5185-2027


i tried the website and none of them worked,

and they didnt give a cd or a XP cd... HP is gay.


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have you tried HP gay home page ?
you know support they can be quite helpful if you ask the right question.
btw. I've got one of those gay HP keyboards & I'm glad the fancy blue lights have gone & the internet buttons no longer take me to an HP site & the hibernate button cant be pressed by accident & the volume is no longer changed on a whim.
Thats my 2 cents
HP Pavilion 750.uk
HP gay illuminated internet keyboard 5308


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:D right now hit the gay support link & send a gay E-mail to the gay support & you should recieve a gay reply within 24 gay hours.
If you dont get any Joy from the gay support then there's something a bit queer going on.



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hey m8 i had EXACTLY the same problem. i have a hp pavlon 7945. 4 some reason the button's stoped workin, then sudenly they were back:confused: it does it ocasionaly, the only time i realise is when the green volume icon doesn't come up on screen. i good idea is 2 leave the computer on for several hour's, after 13 min's xp tell's the computer that it is inactive + so start's 2 perform certain task's such as defragmenting + indexing. for about the first 2 week's after starting 2 use my computer it worked like crazy when i was away,anyway u should find that they come back on there own after a period of time.i tried doin the driver's etc but that did jack aprt from creating the problem that after the keyboard was unpluged i couldn't shut the computer down as the keyboard was efectively "not there",also my mouse plug's into the keyboard so that put the mouse out of action......

hope this help's


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btw my keyboard is a 5308 as well, the blue light's seem 2 work when they feel like it but the sleep button alway's work's

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