HP 2113 Mini-note what run's best: vista or xp


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4 May 2008

Newbie on board and wondering if anyone has an opinion on this as currently my 2113 has Vista on it but I heard it runs quicker with xp. Thanks in advance.

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5 May 2008
I hope you're not talking about:

http://www.hpmuseum.net/exhibit.php?content=Long Life Products


The 2113 was part of the second-generation 21MX computers introduced in 1976 (later called the HP 1000 E-Series). The 2113 was the most popular of the HP 1000 computers introduced in the 1970s. HP made the 2113 until 1989, long after the introduction of the L-Series and A-Series HP 1000 computers. The 2113 accepted the same I/O expansion cards used in HP's first ever computer - the 2116. The 2113 effectively gave the first customers of HP computers a direct upgrade path for over 20 years.
[SIZE=-2]2113 HP1000 E-Series[/SIZE]

LOL. j/k

Seriously, if this is an accurate depiction of your system, with the amount of RAM et cetera, I would recommend staying with Vista. I would think Vista's power saving features on that laptop would make the battery last that much longer, and the performance should be very good with those specs.

If anything, like if I was playing games that could use as much RAM as possible, I might be tempted to dual-boot, but no, I wouldn't recommend getting rid of Vista on that machine.


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5 May 2008

Newbie on board and wondering if anyone has an opinion on this as currently my 2113 has Vista on it but I heard it runs quicker with xp. Thanks in advance.

I assume you mean the 2133? The problem your going to face is support as HP, as far as I know, does not offer any XP drivers for this unit. This means you will need to find drivers for each hardware item from either another notebook vendor or the hardware vendor which can be a real problem.

From the specs on this system sure XP would be faster, Windows 98 even faster but from a support standpoint your would probably be much better off sticking with the installed OS. Remember these mini systems are not designed to replace your regular desktop or even typical notebook but provide road warriors with a small, lite system they can take on the road, access email, do some web work and connect back to the office via TS or RDP to their normal Desktop.

If your really into tweaking then make an image of the current system and then give XP a try. If you can't get everything working it will only take a few mnutes to re-image Vista. Hint: Make sure you use a Vista aware imaging product, some are known to screw it up.


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10 May 2008
Recently HP has released the drivers you'd need for installing Windows XP on HP Mini-Note UMPC and here they are for download :)
You can find there some HP Utilities for XP too

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