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Remember the all-too-cool feature in Windows2000 where you could add an image as the background of any folder?

How can this be done in Windows XP? Trust me, it can be done using the Win2000 method.

I miss this feature, can anyone help me out there?


Hallo I found the following somewhere (can´t remember where):

What you have to do:
create a desktop.ini file in the folder (new textfile, afterwards rename), containing the lines:


...replacing BGPATH and RRGGBB (text color).

give the folder a 'system' attrribute. To do that you could use PropertiesPlus, or use XP: change the folder icon (this will create a desktop.ini file and set the folder to system), then edit this desktop.ini file replacing its content.


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btw to add the system attribute to a file all you have to do is go into the cmd prompt and type attrib +s [path] if it says not resetting hidden file [path] type attrib -h [path] then do it and you have to manually hide the file


It perfectly works on my system. I usually first change the icon of the folder and then paste the lines of my first post into the then existing "desktop.ini" file. Then change imagepath and colour. If you want you may delete the lines concerning the new icon. The first line should still read: [.ShellClassInfo]
I guess this one was not in my first post,sorry. I did not try so far to change attributes with command prombt (still a kind of strange creature for me).


Got it!!!

It works perfectly!
Your instructions were very helpful. Here is a recap of what was done:

1. Right click on folder, select customize. Change Icon. You do this only to trigger the creation of a desktop.ini.

2. You don't have to make the desktop.ini hidden, system, or Read Only. It just has to be there in the proper format/syntax.

3. Open the desktop.ini and edit the image path and text color. I have a centralized location of all my images (d:\downloads\images) Here:


Don't copy and paste. I just wanted you to see what it should look like format and syntax wise. Use this to compare agains the automatically generated desktop.ini file.

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