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how'd they do that: customized start menu

Right click Start Menu and select Properties, Click Classic > Customise and select the menu items you want to expand.

To put items on the Start Menu, just copy the folder or shortcut into the root of the start menu folder, you can then right click on it in the start menu and customise it by selecting properties.

To get rid of the Programs folder just move it out of the start menu folder. Don't delete it unless your sure you don't want to use it again!!! ;)


OSNN Advanced
They most likely used registry hacks to remove certain elements of the menu and to change icons/menu layout.
Not sure how to do it, but I have managed to renamed the start button once. :p

Your suggestion for making expanding menus works if you use the ones M$ chooses. But I wanted to add my own folder that isn't a "special" folder defined by M$ like "my documents."

I get an error when I try to move the programs folder into another folder. It let me rename it but it still displays :-\.

Maybe I missed something. Anyways, thanks for the replies so far.

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