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How will you remember Sept 11



Just hanging out in here and I was thinking how is everyone going to be on Sept 11. By that I mean how will you remember the events. I plan on having a quiet day, just reflecting and be grateful. Also hoping that all this crap that is going on finally stops. Is it a hopeless dream?

Just curious...
/me sees in the future of some inconsiderate n00bs flaming in thread...

anwayz... done my sig up for it...
also will be @ school on the day... will see what they do... not going to go too out of my way to do anything myself.



if I was afraid of n00bs and their imature flaming i would never post anything... I hope ppl will be mature enough.
P.S. I like your sig MdSalih :D


well for me it's gona be colege at first i guess and then chiling with friends in the evening


I'm working, but we are having a silence and flying the US flag along side our English one, both at half mast.


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I'll be at school during the day. The school is having a prayer service/ceremony outside on the football field. The ceremony will include planting and blessing a pine tree in memory of those who died, as well as a speech by some Chicago firemen that helped with the rescue effort at ground zero



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Ill remmber it as the day one of the worlds most greatest countries got attacked by terrorists and how those terrorists gave us arabs a bad name! I mean i think they were trying make a point about the isreal/palistine conflict but that was waaaaaaaaaaaay tooo far they could have tried to establish communication and aid to palistine instead of this act! also i would want nothing else to happen like this agian and my father is going tonight to the states and returning after the 11th so i would wish that there is no racial discrimination. My fathers company also had 2 floors in the world trade centers, i think they had moved out a year or two before this happend.


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Well, I have to goto school On September 11th for the next 3 years.... So I don't think I'll do anything on those days, but remember those that were killed on that day. I'll probably watch the cable news networks coverage of the events. And hope that it's a somewhat peacful day. The markets will probably close.


I operate a letter sorting machine at the Post Office and will be working my normal 2300 to 0730 shift on the morning of the 11th.

There are quite a few retired military personnel working our shift and the enitre shift is planning on wearing red, white & blue for work that morning. We have had small American flags on each of our 5 machines since Sept 12, 2001. They will remain there for a long time.

I have personally flown the American at my home 24/7 for the 10 years I have lived here and it will be lowered to half mast for the day.

The local churches, town council and other associations (VFW, Moose Lodge, American Legion, etc) are planning prayer sessions, bell ringing and singing of patriotic songs - at different times and in different ceremonies during the day.

I came home from work last year and my wife mentioned the WTC being hit by a plane - I sat down, turned on TV and watched the 2nd plane hit - I will never forget that sight - nor how defenseless I felt.

However, life must go on. I lost friends during Nam and I got over it , so I must also get over this - but "I'll Never Forget"!

I'll be right here also - reading and trying to understand everyone's feelings and thoughts - perhaps that is the best way to handle this 1st anniversary - listening to the other folks and not being critical of their thoughts and/or feelings.

PS - yea a couple of brandy & cokes will be consumed also!;)


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will be in school.. our school is gonna he holding a fundraiser to be sent to the Red Cross in aid of the victims of 9/11..
I have school on September 11th, so there really isn't anything I can do about that. I'll try to be a bit nicer to people. Will come home, consume numerous mugs of coffe, and later in the evening, will pray for the people that were lost that I knew, for the ones that I didn't know, and will never know, and... for peace. I don't directly know who this affected the other members, but coming home that day, at about 10 AM, and looking out of the fire escape, seeing the smoke rising, the sounds of the police and the fire engines, and then dropping down onto the floor next to the televison, and sitting there stunned, watching some kind of coverage of what was happening, dazed, and then later on in the day as the wind changed course, smelling the...ceramic tile smell coming from the air conditioner, and from the open windows, is something that I can not, and will not, forget.

God Bless you all,


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