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How to use wireless access to connect to another computer?

I connect a USB wireless adaptor to my desktop PC (Windows XP Pro)
Can I use my notebook build-in wireless card to access internet via my desktop PC wireless adaptor? is it possible and if yes what is the method?

my router that connect to the ADSL modem doesn't have the wireless feature.

many thank.


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Thread title modified.

I seem to have to tell you this often, PLEASE be more specific with your thread titles.

If I am understanding your request correctly... You can use Remote Desktop Connection. You can connect to your desktop using this built-in program.

All Programs > Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection

Make sure RDC is enabled on your desktop.


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if i read that correctly. the router itself has to have the wireless capability so that your laptop could access the internet. sounds like your desktop has ethernet from modem to router to desktop. it doesnt need wireless card.

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