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How to Uninstall Messenger ??


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I try to uninstall windows messanger to free up space on my HDD (i have 28 megs free on an 75 gig drive) and then the bloody thing starts up when ever i open outlook express

how do i disable this fkin bloody program forever?


your not likely to be saving much space by deleting messenger..its a small program from memory.

HOWEVER -> there have been many threads devoted to this topic..its too hot at the moment i coudnt be arsed looking..

but if u do a search for getting rid of it your bound to come up with something juicy from the forums.



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changed the title of this thread - it wasn't suitable

Uninstall MS Messenger

Click Start \ Run Then type the following:

RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove
• Press ENTER
• Reboot

Keep Messenger from loading with Outlook & Hotmail

There are 2 known issues when you remove Windows Messenger. The first is when you load Outlook Express and use the Contacts pane. This causes OE to try to load Messenger, it can't and this causes a long delay. The Registry entry that corrects this is:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Outlook Express\Hide Messenger
A DWord value of 2 prevents OE from trying to load it.

The second is that Hotmail's web site will load extremely slowly if Messenger is removed. It’s the same type of hang that OE experiences.

The fix is to rename (leave the field blank)

This removes the reference to the object that Hotmail tries to load, it fails, but it doesn't hang.



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nuff said



after installing xp sp1, windows messenger can be uninstalled from the remove windows components thingy in the add or remove programs thingy, yeah u get me


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just doing me job :D

I've got 3 x kids here so my idea of obscene is a bit more definitive.

regarding your first post

Posted by DrMetallica
(i have 28 megs free on an 75 gig drive)
that is one full drive :eek:

your hdd will have terrible benchmarks :(

couple of questions

1 does your defrag still work ?
2 does your system restore still work ?



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The removal of Messenger using the option in XP Add and Remove Window Components, just removes it from the Start-Program List. However, if you edit the sysoc.inf file, and remove the word 'hide' from the msmsgs entry you can then use Add and Remove Window Components to disable Messenger completely. Then it is easy enough to activate it again should you wish.


Good for you 2Z!!! And even if it wasn't your kids here, there are lots of youngsters on these forums who are somebody's kids.


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Re: Re: How to Uninstall Messenger ??

Posted by TwoZigzagColt45

1 does your defrag still work ?
2 does your system restore still work ?

1 i dunno
2 no it gives me annoying pop up messages even after i turned system restore off


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@ DrMetallica

I thought it would
XP likes to have plenty of free space to operate

can you not backup some of your files ??
you'll see an increase in performance if you can create 20% free space

this might be worth a look at
its a really good program for seeing exactly whats on your drive
SequoiaView (freeware)


@ Allan

Thanks Allan

I try not to be too heavy handed

it can be a fine line when it comes to moderating, as you know ;)

but rules are rules



1) Unhide all files
2)search for "sysoc.inf"
3) Open with Notepad
4) remove the word"hide" from messenger file and any other file you like, but leave the "commas" alone.
5) Go to "Add/remove" and delete the Messenger entry that now shows.
This info or part, has appeared before.

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