How to Transfer Photos & Camera Videos from iPhone to Computer?


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Step 1: Download Tansee iPhone Transfer Photo free trial version here,and then install it. You also need iTunes above 7.3 installed.

Step 2: Connect iPhone to your computer.

Download here: Free Download
Detail use guide: User guide

Step 3: Launch Tansee iPhone Transfer Photo and all the photos in your iPhone will display automatically, screenshot as follows:

Step 4: Select the photos to be transferred to your computer, the selected file will marked with red border. You can select photos by click on each one, or just drag a rectangle to select a bundle of photos. You can also select all photos by click right button of your mouse or click "File" to choose.

Step 5: Click "Copy" button to select output path and start to transfer photos to your computer:

iPhone Camera Photo & Camera Video: Click "Camera Roll", do as steps above can copy your iPhone Camera Photos and iPhone Camera Videos to PC.

Options Setting

1.Backup File Format: To select backup photo file format, Tansee iPhone Transfer Photo support BMP and JPG file now.

2.Backup Path: To select directory for storing the backup photos. You can select backup directory for each photo during backup by check "Ask Every Time" or store all files in a specified directory by checking "Save Here" and select the directory in the edit box.

3.Backup Resolution: To select the photo size to be backup.

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Sounds like the long way round,can't you just plug it into your pc then click Import when the AutoPlay window pops up? Thats how I do it with my iPodTouch.


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Sounds like the long way round,can't you just plug it into your pc then click Import when the AutoPlay window pops up? Thats how I do it with my iPodTouch.
well,,,,as for iphone,especially when transferring large volumn,this tool can save time,convenient


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Some features:

Easy to use
: Tansee iPhone transfer Photo is simple to install and easy to operate.
- Multiple device compatibility: Works with iPhone and iPhone 3G, and support all iPhone Firmware versions.
- Auto-scanning: Auto-scans your iPhone device, and display all your photos on tansee software screen.
- View photos: You can view and save photos on your computer.
- Backup photos with different resolution: Backup photos from iPhone to computer to 480*640, 120*160, 76*76, 55*55. And can backup your photos in camera roll with full-resolution.
- Backup to any folder: You can easily and quickly back up your photos from your iPhone to any folder on your PC.

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