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How to sysprep XP Pro and create WDS image?

Ok, I have recently installed Windows Server 2003 SP2 and I have setup WDS on my support server. I have copied over the boot.wim image and I can get into the Windows Boot Manager, however I am having issues with preping the XP Pro image to be captured correctly.

I already tried once and when I imaged the machine with my newly created XP Pro image and booted into XP the mini-setup screen came up for 2 seconds and then I get this error "The system is not fully installed. Please reboot."

Now I know I am missing an extra step that is probably required to sysprep XP Pro with WDS. Any clue what I may have missed?

I did a reseal the first time I made the image.
I am not sure if many of you know this but there is a conflict when Syspreping a machine and that machine having WMP11 installed on it. I guess you have to uninstall it to get Sysprep to work correctly.

Why do I always answer my own questions on this forum? lol


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Good info - never knew about this one before (reps+)

If you wanted more info, Microsoft has a KB Article about it.. including a rather convoluted workaround.
Yes, I just wanted to update and say I have now officially tried syspreping withOUT WMP11 and it indeed works just fine now!

I am off to create 2 more images for our workstations! I am loving WDS!
Thanks for the recommendation! I definitely need to start reading multiple books on Windows Administration including imaging, MCSA among others!

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