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How to stream music without using Winamp/WMP/foobar/etc?

I've just installed and configured Shoutcast with the Winamp plugin. But I want to get rid of the Winamp bit. What I want is a server/app that runs on the background and streams all the music to the local shoutcast server, just like Winamp does.
I've noticed an option in the sc_serv.ini file called ContentDir=<directory>, and jusdging by it's description it should stream all contents from <directory> to the server for me to listen to. But no matter what I do, it doesn't work, it isn't triggering the server, so the configuration panel tells me the server is down.

So, is there an option in the Shoutcast server for Windows (XP) that monitors a dir (+subdirs) and streams it to the outside world? Or is there any really small app that I can run along with the server (meaning it should be able to connect to the server), so I won't have to startup Winamp each time I want to stream?

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