How to share printers?


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28 Dec 2001
Presently I have a wireless network through a DLink 604+ router/dsl modem. My printers are currently hooked up to the desktop PC with my laptop only able to access them when the desktop is on.

Is there anyway I can rig up the printers so they are available to either machine independently? I.e. when the desktop is off the laptop can print and vice versa??

Help appreciated :)
You'll need a hub to connect the parallel/usb cables to both machines.
Or, if you're lucky enough to have purchased a printer with ethernet connection, you may be able to connect it via the network. :)
Ya, a wired or wireless print server is basically the only way to go. I have a DLINK DP101P+ Print Server and it rocks, only 10MBps but was free from a friend :) so I cant complain.

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