how to share drive to specific computer only??

how to share drive to specific computer only??
i am using WinXP Media Center Edition.. (anyway almost same as XP Pro).. i am having a virtual LAN tat links up wif my computer.. i hav full shared my Drive on (PC01) to my other local computer (PC02) which is connected using LAN (not Virtual LAN).however, i found that other ppl over the internet can access my shared drive.. isit a way for me to block other computer accessing my shared file/drive except specified computer (PC02) ??
in fact, i am having LAN game wif other computer using Virtual LAN.. thus i cant use ip filtering and block others ip. this will completly block the connection.. i only wan to block the file/drive sharing feature..( browsing of my shared folder/drive)..
anyone can help??


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You can't allow certain computers, but you can allow certain users.

Set NTFS permissions on the share you want and configure them for the user(s) that will be logging into PC02.
erm.. act i tried tis.. bt failed.. mayb i din configure it correctly.. can u explain more detail hw to configure the permission for the user?

i found tat i can only enter local user (users on comp which shared the drive). isit i hav to logon as tat user on another comp? hwever i tried on another comp and it denied...


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The best way to go about it is to have a unique username login to each PC. If you have the same username logged into multiple PC's, it defeats the purpose.

Have user 1 login to the PC you want to share FROM.
Have user 2 login to the PC you want to be able to access it.

Have users 3, 4, 5 , 6 or however many other machines you have, login to the rest. On the "share" itself on PC1, set permissions so that ONLY user 1 and 2 have Full Control to the share, and remove the "Everyone" group.
erm.. do u mean tat i must set the username belongs to the accessing comp?

can i jus create a new username n password.. then in another comp.. i access as that username??

isit a way for me to access that shared drive using other name/password (nt the username i currently logon).. for exp.. when i click to access, it will prompt out and ask for username/password..

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