How to setup the pagefile / virtual memory in windows xp??



Ok.. i have to hard drives.. C Drive is a regular with the OS on it and D drive is my raid drive for games. I have 256mb ram now and another stick of 256 in the mail. And when i play SOF2 i get the warning that says i am low on Virtual Memory. Here is how i have it setup now:

How should i set it up with 256mb ram and how should i set it up when i get my other stick of ram and have 512mb? Should i move the page file to the Raid drive? Have 2 page files? what sized? etc.. Thanks!
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Originally posted by catch23
Supposedly you should have your VM set to 1.5x the amount of RAM you have...I don't buy that, and boosted mine to 1152 - 1920mb while I have 512mb of RAM...and I do notice an increase in performance.
catch...hi...just a slight's a myth that the ram is supposed to be set at 1.5 ram.

what microsoft says is the absolute minimum the page file should be is 1.5 IF EXPANSION IS ENABLED...and the expansion value is then 3x the 1.5 here, quite a bit more then 1.5 is available in the pf.

a lot of people have miss read the information when they saw the 1.5 figure...that's the absolute INITIAL MINIMUM SETTING...setting the pf higher cannot possibly hurt, and for quite a few people it will definately help, so you're right about that...I'm just trying to disspell the myth that microsoft suggests 1.5...they don't.

my personal setting is 2x ram, with expansion enabled to the full potential xp allows.

your setting is fine...good post


i have 2 partitions, and i let it use anywhere from 1024-1024mbs on each for VM and it kix major ass that way =]

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