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How to setup and configure Citrix?

I would like to install citrix on my home PC and be able to connect to it using my laptop when i am offshore through the company's LAN. Can anyone give me a step by step guide on how to do this. I would have to set it up in my home first before i go. Which is the best way to do this.


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Thread titled modified.

Please be more specific with your thread titles.

As for Citrix, does your company have a MetaFrame setup (the latest version is 4.0)? It is much easier to setup a GoToMyPC account because unless your company has a MF setup, licensing and software is VERY expensive and you would also need a route to the company (such as VPN).


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errr - I am pretty certain you do not need VPN in addition...

In fact in my case I occasionally use Citrix as a means of access for me to open a telnet session, but only if there is a problem with my VPN access! As to setup, if your company has Citrix installed at their end then it should be a cinch for you to install the client - in my case the company has a link to it from their portal so I would suggest you ask your corporate IT dept.


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It depends on your implementation of Citrix. If all you have is a standalone MetaFrame server (without Citrix Access Gateway) then you need VPN. One of my customers has a Nortel Contivity for the gateway. Once into the VPN you can logon to the MetaFrame using a client.


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I think he wants to do it in reverse.. he wants to install the Metaframe server on hims home PC and use the client from his work PC to access his home PC.

1) I'm assuming you realize that you need to install and license the full Terminal Services on Windows Server to use this correctly.

2) I'm assuming you are also going to be purchasing the Citrix licensing for this

3) I'm guessing your company may not allow the outbound traffic on the ICA ports

4) You would need to open the ICA ports on your home firewall (you are running one, right?)

5a) You could setup a VPN solution... or

5b) You could run the Citrix Web Interface (although, last I read, it was not recommended to run on the same server as your Citrix server). You would also need a SQL database..

6) I'm assuming if you run the web interface you wouldn't want it exposed to all the world, so you could buy and setup the Access Gateway device.. or go cheap and use the old/included Citrix Secure Gateway software. But that would also require an SSL cert and another box in your DMZ to run correctly.

7) If all you want to do is access your home PC desktop.. why not use GoToMyPC and/or PCAnywhere or any number of other remote desktop solutions (RDP/VNC/etc..) instead of dropping a ton of money on Citrix licensing, Microsoft Server licensing, Microsoft Terminal Server CAL's, and new hardware to set it up in a secure manner.

Hmm... as I read the original post again, I notice you never specified which Citrix product you were talking about wanting to install. When most mention "citrix" they are referring to their full blown metaframe presentation server product. But for a home PC, it's WAY overkill..

so I'm going to give you the benifit of the doubt and assume you were talking about installing the Citrix GoToMyPC software..

Head over to the GoToMyPC site and signup for the trial. The website will walk you through the configuration I believe.
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As I said, implementing a MetaFrame server is very costly. You would need (as stated above) Terminal Server licensing from Microsoft (about $250 for one CAL) and then MetaFrame licensing which is only sold in 5 packs.

Those costs don't include the actual software. The newest version of MetaFrame (v4.0) is resource hungry so make sure the server you are setting it up on can handle it.

On top of that, Citrix requires customers to pay a maintenance fee which gets you free upgrades (which you don't have to subscribe to but I would recommend it).
After reading all that ,i think i am in way over my head. if i enable remote desktop on my home pc can i access it through another pc through the internet (what do i need to type in to access it, just the computer name i.e. joe-123qwe7777)


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I only suggest to use a static IP on the workstation you want to connect to, as otherwise it will not connect if for whatever reason it grabs a new IP from your DHCP server which is more than likely your router.

Just one less thing to worry about :)


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I use citrix sometimes.

All you really need is your company support. Simply install the citrix client and when you enter through your company's portal (through the metaframe presentation server) you are all set.

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