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How to run single core on multi core

i have a quad-core cpu, and i found out after trying starcraft, that running it on a multi core processor generates an insane amount of lag. so im looking for a program that will let me use only 1 core when running certain programs. thanks in advance


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Simply startup your taskmanager and select the process.

Right click will bring up a menu, on the menu you will find SET AFFINITY.

You should see a small dialog box with 4 cores listed.

Uncheck all but 1 and voila, you are all set.

This is built into windows btw, you don't need other tools.

Cheers :)


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The "set affinity" does that for you. I am not sure if there is something that can be setup to FORCE it to run automatically w/o some kind of registry hacks or 3'rd party applications OR changing the command-line startup options.

The last should be, technically, the easiest route to do it.
Yeah I got that you could do it to an actively running process, but it was the persistence I think which was desired. Yeah the command line method or potentially running the exe through another program much like the UNIX nice(1) command.

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Is there a way to force an application to run on only one core though, something akin to the WinXP compatibility options
Yes there is with the IMAGECFG tool. I just ran it on the Far Cry executable and now Far Cry runs on one core without having to task out/set affinity. I first read about imagecfg tool here then I found the tool here. It is also on the Windows NT 4.0 CD. I would suggest making a copy of your executable before running the tool just in case the result is not what you expected.
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