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How to restore Office font


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These day I did lot of copy past between internet and documentation. I didnt take the time to rearrange the font for each text I've copied, so it comes out with a text with many different font. Here is my dilemma, now the initial font of office appear to be different when each time I'm selecting a font for the whole text, there always annoying space between each line that I have no idea how to get rid of them. Someone know how I can restore my initial office font and take the spacing between each line. (btw, I'm using Office XP and I didn't do double line spacing)
Thanks you in advance.

Edit: Is there a way to tell Office to not keep the original font when copy pasting (tell office to use the already using font in word when pasting).


I set office xp to use the same font in properties.
I also don't do double spacing.

I always copy and paste to .txt/note pad and by defualt I have thats set at wrap and comic sans serif bold size 10.

When I copy and paste to word is always keeps the font from .txt/notepad in my settings.

What font are you wanting to use?

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