How to restore a deleted "important?" file on a V3c???


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21 Oct 2006
Ok, so recently our family pulled some cash together and got a 5 phone plan from Verizon (i now know why everyone hates verizons stupid crippleware, but thats besides the point). :rolleyes:

I learned how to use PST and PK2 commander, and was uploading mp3s for use as ringtones, everything worked great! However, I accidentially deleted a file called "ring.mp3" off my phone, now the phone restarts over and over. I cant get a USB connection up long enough to upload the file back to where it belongs. :lick:

The good news is that I have a copy of this file on my hard drive, I never delete anything without making a copy first, anyone know any ideas to get the Phone to "pause" long enough for me to work on it over P2k? Or another alternate solution? Any help would be much appreciated. :cry:

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