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How To Remove Folder Security..?


OSNN One Post Wonder
Hi, I shall like to know how to remove folder security in xpsp1.Once i have put security on a folder containing some files for test from xpsp1.Also i have 2OS - xpsp1 & xpsp2.When tried to open from xpsp2, it gives access denied and i have to take owner-ship to open my folder.So, i shall now like to completely remove the security so to get a common access.

thanks;- seeetu.

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
Why don't you just allow everyone ?
Or, move the folder's content to another temporary folder and delete for good the annoying one, then recreate it if you will ;)

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
Hipster Doofus said:
This might be what you are after>>

He already mentionned the "take ownership of a file or folder" process, he wants to erase all security options on a specific folder... so I can't think of anything else but what I've already mentionned myself above...


I'm sorry Hal...
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If you can take ownership then you should be able to turn of all the security settings, surely?


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Using cacls from the command line:

cacls <filename> /t /c /g Everyone:F

will clear all the permissions and give everyone full access. If you don't want everyone to be able to change the permissions, use :C at the end. The /t switch applies the permissions to subfolders and files as well, /c continues on errors.


OSNN One Post Wonder
thanks all for replies!
The security is on for a folder, inside it lotsa sub-folder containing lotsa font files.When i put the security feature on, i just rt-click on the main folder & ON the security and it is done.Now simply removing security by the same way is not working.I have to remove security one-by-one navigating to each subfolder & its files too.This is really irritating for me.Is there any simple way to remove security from subfolder and its files in one shot....?I shall like to know, otherwise i have spent lotsa time!

anyway, thanks
;- seeetu.

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