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How to Recover Data Files from a Formatted Hard Disk


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Hi. I had found a thread that discusses this issue way back 2004 and I was thinking that other people can update the issue is there are new options to recover it.

My problem, I had reformatted my notebook's harddisk and installed XP and its drivers from a Sony Disc.

I just realized that I was not able to backup my "web site" files under "Program Files" since I thought all data are saved in my "My Documets" which I had a backup.

Is there a new way how to recover back the OLD setup and files so that I can retrieve my data?

Thank you.


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I had used GetDataBack. I had removed my notebook hard disk and made it as a usb drive then run the GetDataBack software and opened my "to recover hard disk" and run the program. It ran for almost 2 hours and it had displayed numerous partitions that had has color codes. Green and Red dots and I believe Green dots means that the files can be recoverd and Red dots means the file is possible unrecoverable already. Browsed the Good folders and coied the files to my other hard disk.
I was able to recover the folders and files that I needed.
This is after I had deleted the partition, created partition, slowly reformatted and re-installed OS and drivers. I thought this would not work but it did.

Thank you.

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