How to protect my harddisk

My notebook harddisk is NTFS format,Windows XP Professional installed.
I know that the HD can dismount from the notebook and connect to other PC via USB to copy the file inside the harddisk.

So, how can I protect my harddisk not allow other people to do this action?
you would have to encrypt the data. with windows im not too sure on how to go about that but i know linux systems it can be done easly.

i will search google for some because it would help me also but its just a hard disk encryption


Weekend DJ
If you set a supervisory password only the person with this password would be able to mount that volume. This is part of the NTFS file system. This is even true if you were to boot up in safe mode. Its like logging on to that volume.
lol well lets put it like this. u can do what u want to it and it will stop the simple people from getting in
but if someone wants the data. then destroy the drive