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how to over clock cpu?



Does anyone know how to "unlock" a 1600xp amd athlon cpu to enable over clocking?


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yeh it's real easy :rolleyes:
Take the CPU out locate the L1 bridges. fill the 4 laser cuts with a non conductive epoxy compund & allow to dry. go buy the finest paint brush you can find and a good eyeglass to zoom in in that micron thin strip your about to fill in. paint back in with rear demister silver repair paint the 4 L1 bridges making sure you dont short between them or no more CPU

the 4 bridges look like :::: when there cut, and when your done filling them in they look like ||||

anyhow... ignore me and look here...


& here


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Originally posted by hohner
Does anyone know how to "unlock" a 1600xp amd athlon cpu to enable over clocking?
After reading what GoNz0 said I would add........CAREFULLY.
Is it worth it? You should already be zooming along. :confused:


How bout going into the bios and turning up the CPU Multiplier(boost voltage slightly), and boosting the FSB a tad......You can even boost the memory clock speed......All MB pending. You may have to piss with jumpers(mb pending again)

Just be sure you keep an eye on the temp of things.



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yeah, athlons need to be unlocked before the multiplier can be changed. i did this to my athlon 800 and got it up to 1ghz. it's really not that hard. can't do it to my 1.4 cuz my mobo doesn't support anything faster. my advice is to use the tip of a needle to apply the conductive grease/paint/whatever. good luck. }:>


upping your FSB
WILL overclock your system

the mulitply allows for more overclocking, adding stability by lowering it so the FSB can truely reach its max (good MoBo can run stable at 166 FSB)

but if you dont unlock it not al is lost like i said and upping the FSB

the only concern with upping the FSB is your AGP and PCI buses running too fast and gedrading stability

but if you have a board with a 1/5 divisor then hiting the 166 milestone will drop your PCI back 33mhz and AGP to 66mhz

anyway i have gotten carried away there

i do recommend having a little play with the FSB though


I had no problems turning my fsb and multiplier up sucessfully overclocking my system as you can see HERE

Note: you may need to sign in to view this page. That benchmark was with my old 1800+ cpu.



Is it worth it though? I mean your overworking the CPU to do something it wasn't intended to do, and your going to cause more wear and tear on it, I have a 2000Xp see signature, is it worth it for me to overclock my system. Will I notice a tremendous difference, Use an anology if you can like will I notice say a 1 GZ to a 2 Gz in speed difference ? :)


you can get quite a good increase in performance with playing with the FSB

what unlocking lets you do it lower the mulitply so that the CPU isnt stressed as much , and letting the MoBo ramp up speed it couldnt do with the CPU and other devices holding it back

and about the wear and tear , that negligable. espeically considering that your XP chip and mine is the same chip, came from the same plant. the only difference is that yours performed better in testing so got the bigger label slapped on it

CPU have a min life of 5 years, i think it would be time for an upgrade in 5 years, wouldnt you ??

just dont go crazy overclocking it by like 1.5 times the speed it is now (like P4 1.6a owners can do)

OH and about unlocking it being worth it, its personal prefernce,
i wasnt going to when i got mine, but the more and more i read bout it i think i might,
in all the forums i read bout unlocking i have yet to read bout one going wrong,
maybe they were too embarassed to post, i know i would


In most of the tutorials or forums that I have read about unlocking my cpu, they say to use conductive silver paste. I work for a large satellite communications employer where small (0.6mm) wide copper stubs are used to tune various products. Could these be used in place of the silver paste?


i cannot see why not,

you just need somehting conductive

only problem i would foresee is that the wire doesnt sty put under the weight of the heat sink and cross connects the wrong L1 bridges,
that would lead to diseaster!!


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Yes, so long as you have a good soldering hand to join up the contact's.

But 1st, you have to fill the laser cuts. the cut's are so deep, they expose an earthing layer on the chip. If you don't fill it. bye bye chip.

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