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How to output pages according to data given?


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I recently got a Chinese Water Dragon from a family who couldn't take care of it anymore. In order to track what I do to take care of it, my gf provided me with some log sheets to fill out, which contain information like if it ate the food that was offered, if droppings were found in the tank, as well as small custom notes like changing certain things.

I realized that this data could be used in a simple page that has radio buttons, text boxes, etc and when you hit submit, an html page would be generated and saved using the date as the filename, with the appropriate data fields filled out.

I just started learning CGI in Internet class, but we haven't learned how to code these yet and I'm not sure it would work. What would you guys use to accomplish this? I also thought of PHP, but again, I'm not sure if it would work for this particular task.


PS: I also thought of using a database and PHP to do it, but that's far too advanced, so I'm leaving that for the future, once I have the more basic versino up and running.


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personally - I think a MySql table and a little php scripting, if you wish using radio button input, would be simple enough to do - and I am only saying that because I recently coded such for a friends site - I'd be happy to share that with you if you think it would be useful (it consisted of a donations and journals page with input forms for each you can see the output from them here)

I mean - the way you are describing it, sounds like you would be making a page for every date - which is surely not the best way to go about it.... But what's the idea here - are you wanting to update this online so that you can share the progress of the water dragons care online? If it is just to keep a record you may be just as well making log entries with notepad or suchlike, I'd have thought?


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Yeah, its only to keep a personal record on my laptop, but I don't wanna write it down and have tons of pages lying around. I want it to be something with forms and html because we're gonna be moving in together in the near future, so I wanna implement this for all reptiles we'll have (she has like 10 ;) ), and I figured a web page system would well (and be good practice for me too :) )

The way I saw it, I'd be able to use this as a template for all of them, that's why I didn't wanna oversimplify it using only Notepad files or Word files. That, plus this would make a great project for when I actually have Database class :).
if you give us an idea of the kinds of things the paper log asks for we can give you a better idea of which would be the easiest method to make a web version (perl/php/mysql/flat files) and so on.

BTW if you had the ability to run a Ruby on Rails server (WEBrick maybe), created the database tables then scaffolded the application you might have everything you need running with very little effort in a matter or minutes.


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In the attached zip there's a basic html form with what the data should be. The idea would be to have the text boxes enable themselves if you choose an option that says "Describe" (In the Others field, since there's two options where you can describe, the comment would be added to the appropriate field, instead of having two separate text fields).

The rest of the data would be static, since its stuff that doesn't change all that often, like the dimensions of the dragon's tank, if it has companions, the weight, etc etc.

As for Ruby on Rails, I could run a server from my desktop, and turn it on when necessary, but I wouldn't know where to start :lick:


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