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How to o/clock a barton 3gig

I have a barton 3g with a aerolite 7 fan with speed controller & a
asus A7N8 DELUXE,with 512ddr400 in it,i wish to clock it a bit,what do i need to alter in the bios.Thanks


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you will need to increase the fsb cos most processor multipliers are locked. Try a couple of Megas at a time and if you system becomes instable try at a little more voltage to the core. If you can boot then just reset the bios using the jumper. Note that this will invalidate any warrenty you have. Good luck and let us know how far it will go.


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Re: o/clock a 3gig barton

Originally posted by kingsam
Its a 3g barton 333bus
so your fsb is set to 167 and your multiplier is set to 13x. increase your fsb to 200 and make your multiplier 11x. also make sure your memory is running synchronous (1:1, 100%) with your fsb. the system should have no problems coping with this.

your core speed will be 2.2ghz but your fsb and memory will be running faster. heat shouldn't go up much at all and your system will be more efficient. if you want, you can try a multiplier of 11.5x (2.3ghz) and, if still stable, 12x (2.4ghz).

Hi many thanks,did what you said and got it up to 3200(2.2)and temps still 41-45 even after serious games & benchmarking.Many thanks.


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you can't blow it. at most, it will just be unstable... in which case you can increase the core voltage (temps will go up too) or move the multplier back down .5x.

i'm sure it'll do 2.3ghz fine and probably 2.4 too. just gotta try and see.
well the question you should be asking is how far u can go before it becomes unstable and i would probably say about another 100mhz possibly 200mhz, hard to say as im here and ur there.

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