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How To Make WinPop Work?



I'm trying to figure out how to get winpopup, or some kind of lan messaging to work on XP Home on our lan. MS says winpop isn't supported on NT but our NT lan uses it. M$ says use "net send".
Does anyone use or know how to set up winpopup? Previously I've just added it from the install disc, but all I have with this machine are the rescue discs.
bill g


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You can't use the Winpopup app because the feature is built into NT/2000/XP. You can use the NT equivalent of Winpopup which is "NET SEND <comptuername> <message>"

A window will automatcally pop up on NT/2000/XP boxes, and Windows 95/98 can run the Winpopup program to recieve and send Net Sends. The two are interoperable, so sending a message from Winpopup to a XP box will cause the Messenger Service popup, and sending a message from NET SEND will trigger winpopup if sent to a 95/98 box



Thanks for reply.
This sounds like it'll be another challenge-for XP Home to "address" the lan domain in a reply, since it doesn't know it is there. Well I figured a way to do a faux logon, maybe I can do a script listing all the logged on users ;-)
thanks again,
bill g

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