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how to install xp and walk away


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Unattended Installation of XP

I slipstreamed Service Pack 1 into my XP installation disc when it first came out. I am now trying to make it into an unattended installation disc. It works fine, and installs XP in about 15 minutes. But, and isn't there always a but, it does not give me the opportunity to format, or the option to choose between FAT or NTFS files. Anyone made an unattended disc with these options available?


Hello, there is a tool which allows you to do this very easily, Slipstreamer, however the tool is basically a slipstreamer for windows xp service pack 1, but it give you the option to perform unattended setups.

You may get the tool from flexbeta, you will need to do a search in their forums for this tool, since the url is not an absolute one.


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Originally posted by PseudoKiller
also you could get someone else to install it for you. (I am such a smart ass) :p
That and extremely lazy! :p

Sort-of-on-topic: I've read that Longhorn will have the required user input only at the beginning of install, and there will be very little at that. Also, total install time is supposed to average 15-20 minutes at the most. I can't wait!


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I tried both of the suggested sites and followed the instructions. I ended up with the same problem that I started with. The unattended installation is fast, 15 minutes, but there is no chance to format, or choose fat or ntfs, before starting. The Microsoft method gets you to make a floppy, then leave the floppy in and boot to the CD, making sure that the computerr boots to the CD first. The other lets you make a CD do the full task. But both end the same way. Oh well back to the drawing board.
give this a try...

Repartition = yes
UseWholeDisk = yes
FileSystem = ConvertNTFS OR LeaveAlone (choose one)

That's the closest thing to what you are looking for.

I do RIS installations for the company I work for so Unattended installtions are my thing

ALSO... you can check out the unattend.doc file in the DEPLOY.CAB file on the CD. That will tell you almost everything you need to know. Microsoft's Knowledgebase might help you a bit too.

Good luck!


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Thanks Un4gIvEn1, the Winnt.sif file that the set Up Manager Wizard makes doesn't include those options. It it just a case of adding them? Also, after doing an unattended install I found that most of the Gpedit options for user, were not there, do you find that? Also what do you do about formatting?
Well, when it repartitions it I believe that it does a quick format, but I might be wrong. I believe the only way to do a full format is unfortunately by using a batch file of some kind.


it's funny cause doing all taht stuff would take just as long as filling out the **** in the setup.

stop being lazy and just watch tv and come in the room during commercials to hit "next"
it's funny cause doing all taht stuff would take just as long as filling out the **** in the setup.

stop being lazy and just watch tv and come in the room during commercials to hit "next"
Well, when you build as many machines as I do that is not an option. I administer the RIS server here. We can build anything from one PC to 30 in a day. Lets see you click "Next" and get that many done. Also, through scripting I have made it to where all of our company specific programs install automatically. The old process only allowed for you to do about 3 PCs a day IF you did them all at the same time. Since I put in the RIS server we no longer have to spend a whole day building and configuring a PC, only about 10 minutes! Keep on with your archaic thinking. It's obvious you think in the "home user" sense. Also, the images I have created automatically add the PC to AD, remove certain components, configure the desktop and create a more consistant environment. Sounds to me like you just might be too lazy to figure out how to do this...


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Hi, when I tried that method it installed fine, but it hadn't formatted, and most of the Gpedit user options were not available. I noticed when it ran, that it said it was deleting the old operating system, but in fact all the old folders were still there, although they were not installed.

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