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How to Install HDD..



I've just been dumped wiv' an old P60 PC :eek: from my aunt, she wanted to add a bigger HDD.

Now I know these have a limit of how big a HDD they can use, if memory is correct this P60s limit is about 1Gb!!!!!!!

But is there a way around this? I've heard of drive overlay software. What is this ?.. Will it work for me ?... and most important WHERE can i get hold of it?

Many thanks


P.S. makes my own PC seem blisteringly quick! lol :D
you'd have to buy a drive that wasn't super huge to my belief, I know with western digital I think all of the drives come with the overlay software on their data lifeguard tool disk btu i'm not sure, you have to have overlay software specific to the manufacturer of the drive, your best bet would be to pick the drive you want and just call the manufactuere and they will be happy to tell you

I personally have had to called WD and Maxtor a few times and the reps always knew their stuff and were friendly


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The best thing to do would be to just dump that P60:) I believe that it is the BIOS that limits hard drive partition size, not the processor. You can download the utility disk from the hard drive manufacturer's web site and it will let you format and partition the hard drive. Just find out the maximum partition that the BIOS can recognize and then partition the hard drive accordingly.
ya Bios is the limiter...thats what a driver overlay does...it loads on sector 0 of the drive and it sort of pretends to be the bios...the bios sees the drive as one size, but the overlay tells programs and the os the real size so it can be fully utilized

This was due to old bios's not hvaing LBA so it could not address blocks over a certain size, hence the limit :)

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