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how to implement wireless connectivity on a company???



i'm doing a networking project(student). Sori for the long thread.

The current scenario:-
- Management Department
don’t have access to all corporate systems. Server is needed to do all the processing for they are using dumb terminals model 3278. don’t communicate with each other as there is no LAN in this floor.

- Accounting Department

dumb terminals which allow users to have access to Corporate Accounting System which is currently runs on the MVS mainframe. Besides, there are 20 PCs connected on 16Mbps Token-Ring LAN running Novell Netware, which provides shared access to printers and applications.

- Human Resources Department
dumb terminals which allow users to have access to Human Resource Management System. All terminals don’t communicate with each other as there is no LAN in this floor.

- Documentation Department
using 10BASE T Ethernet LAN which is running Windows NT 4.0 Server with Windows95 workstations. Moreover, the document imaging system residing on LAN Server provides 18 workstations which have access to scanned documents that are related to claims processing and insurance underwriting. Besides, this floor is required to provide all 17 branches with access to images for speedier processing of claims.

- EDP Floor
IBM mainframe in which the IBM Mainframe is running MVS and VM operating systems on separate partitions.

Now, what i want to ask is how can i implement wireless connectivity to this company. Do i jus hav to add wireless router, wireless PCI card, wireless access point? And those dumb terminals will be replace to pcs. All pcs will b using Windows. So, what other area should i put in mind. Can u guys giv me a clear view on the do & don'ts or h/w? Coz' i know nothing bout networking. thanks in advance. :(
I am about to go to bed so I am only going to put in a tiny bit.

Dependant on how "secure" you would like the network to be would be your first question. If you want a VERY secure network, then axe the wireless. If all PCs are stationary then there is not need for wireless. Wireless also has an 11Mbps cap.

Well, I'm off to bed. Good luck.


thanks. after looking at ur reply, i'm thinking of jus implement the wireless to the management floor. Other than tat, other problems such as no LANs on each floor. do i jus need to implement switches, routers? Do u guys hav any recommendation? I really hav no idea. thanks again.


I'm actually working on the same thing at my work on a large-scale deployment for 12 Cisco 1200 wireless access points, so email me at kenyeh@hotmail.com if you would like me to send you some documentation I think would be useful. I'm pretty much in the design phase like where you're at. Security is your biggest concern, and seeing that your accounting and HR will need access you'll want to lock it down. You should treat your WLAN as a separate subnet, sort of like a rogue network. It also matters what your budget is. There's some new standards that just got approved for IEEE so a lot of new products promoting security are being pushed out. Here's a few links you can check out for general overview of what factors to look for

Microsoft Windows Wi-Fi

Planning and Implementing wireless LANs


For LAN's you want to use Switches. For WAN's you use Routers.
I'm sure this has been talked about somewhere. For security I don't reccomend Wireless anything. Since it's easily crackable, if someone wants to work for it and it's slow at 11 Mbits to around 54Mbits. I agree totaly with Un4gIvEn1, except for the 11Mbit cap since there is 802.11g standard. There also was a network over power lines technology I don't remember how good that one was but it's a more secure option then wireless.
You could make the wireless "fairly" secure by only allowing tunneled traffic through encrypted channels (ssh on to of WEP) over the wireless network. But that's messy.


backup purposes

how bout backup purposes? I would like to allows backup for a particular server, how can i implement it? by adding another backup server for the purpose? I heard about raid, but i don't hav any idea on this. do i need to implement each backup server for every department?

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