How to get the newest KaZaA Lite


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10 Feb 2003
After that aweful K-Lite program posted recently, I went out to see if the old Kazaalite K++ was still in development somewhere. I came back with a few winners but this one is the one I liked the best. I'd post a link but I'd rather not worry about it being taken off, so here is some file info to make your jobs easier. PM me for more info.

Happy hunting.

Title: Kazaa Lite Resurrection v2.4.8
File Name: klr248_en.exe
File Size: 3,762,371 bytes
Release Date: Jan. 11/04
Use the one you already have.
I still have the final version of 2.4.2. Still working. I can still download stuff.

Remember this quote "If it ain't broke then don't bother fixing it or upgrading"
Yea man, If u download something you like, keep the install file somwhere. Then you dont have to worry about it ever again!!
Very True... i have a RW-CD that i use to keep all those files.. when i download something that i like it goes right on there with a txt file describing it and when and where i got it from. this way if i forget totally i have alittle refresher!!
I have 2.4.3 installed and it's good for me, but I'd keep what you've got if you don't have any complaints.
I personally don't like to use Kazaa its much too slow finding what you want, IRC or Bittorrent are much better. The pisser that got me was I just downloaded K-Lite to keep my kazaalite files up to date thinking it was just another release and just deleted my old Kazaalite installation file.

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