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how to get rid of the de;; bios image?



when i turn on my dell pc, it shows the full screen dell image... i want that dissabled, i couldnt find anything about it in the BIOS... does anyone know how to get rid of it?



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if its like the MSI mobos, then in the standard CMOS options in the BIOS there is an option for fullscreen logo. May be different for yours though.

When it boots with the logo, is there any text like '<del> for bios' etc?


doesnt have any of those options you guys listed...
if i want to see all the sys specs i have to hit escape, then the big dell image goes away..
This is set in the OEM’s options in the BIOS on your motherboard. A space that allows system integrators to display their splash screen without interfering with anything else so making it look like they know what they are doing when they don’t. If there is no option to disable this in the BIOS you are going to have to download the latest BIOS update/upgrade for the motherboard and chipset you are using making sure that you don’t possess a Gigabyte motherboard built within the last two years (as a copy of the original BIOS might be re-installed if you have a problem) thence reinstalling the problem.

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i have many dell, but the bios is nothing a problems.

Solution:hack the bios.

pro :you can put anything
cons :if you fail, you bios is story -> you mobo is story -> you pc is story

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i thought it was the dmi thats where they put that **** aint it i wouldnt mess about with bios did that before whole system went cpu and mem and mobo not worth it but there should be settings in the bios so you can get rid of it im positive


I'm not trying to be sarcastic so please don't take it that way. I have a bunch of Dell systems (Desktops & lapotops) and am delighted with them all. If the Dell screen at bootup starts to bother me I look away or walk away - it works, honest. :)

Hack the bios? Silliest thing I ever heard.


well for my Dell Inspiron 8100 laptop flashing the a BIOS to a newer version than the one it shipped with got rid of that screen for me.

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flashings not the same as hacking these people are on something to go hacking into their bios if that goes rong its like not having a hand to turn the ignition in your car

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Only thing has been said its either a setting in the bios mine is silent boot (disabled) shows no logo (enabled) shows IBM logo

That or try and get the proper bios updates and flash it but if its a generic bios (not AMI or AWARD) chances are it wont change
I had a pos ACER with a generic bios there updates updated fine but the bios upgrades did not change the overall options of the bios its self.


Originally posted by pulp
well for my Dell Inspiron 8100 laptop flashing the a BIOS to a newer version than the one it shipped with got rid of that screen for me.
As XP Abuser points out, flasing the bios is a common task (though still potentially dangerous in rare instances) - I've done it dozens of times. But hacking the bios is just stupid (with no offense to the person who suggested it). It's nothing an amateur should even consider - and even professionals would think twice before attempting it.

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