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How to get gigabit ethernet?


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Just wondering if anyone could help me out with some info on gigabit ethernet.

I see all these new mobos with built-in gigabit ethernet ports, and gigabit ethernet NICs arn't too expensive either.

What I'm wondering is will I need to find and purchase a gigabit capable router to connect to my Cable Modem (and to a gigabit NIC of course) so that I could take advantage of higher speeds?

Is the speed increase that significant at this point?

I have looked around at various sites and haven't really found any information on gigabit routers that are priced for home use (just alot of extremely expensive corporate hardware).

Any info would be appreciated, thanks!


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10/100 BaseT is the standard for most routers/switches.
As you've noticed, the gigabit one is 1000mbps. So yes, you will need to find a router/switch that is capable of transferring data at the higher rate.
You will notice a major difference when transferring files across to your other computers in a home network environment, but not for the internet and you are limited to the ISP's connection rating... e.g 512kbps or 1mbps download.

If you've used firewire to send a file across to another machine, you should have noticed the speed at which it flies across. Well, think of gigabit ethernet as doing that at twice the speed.
The speed increase is only on your internal network and all computers will need to be upgarded to take advantage of it. The internet is limited by your cable modem speed which is no faster than 10M ethernet. If you have a 100M setup now unless you run a local server for several computers sharing files and applications gigbyte buys you nothing. You will also have to repalce all of your LAN wiring with new high speed cables.


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If you are intending to go for a gigabit ethernet mobo, I can only suggest that you get it for use on a home network only.
The current 10/100mbps routers/switches are way more than enough for internet use at this present moment, and even for the foreseeable future.

But I do stress that it will make a major difference for home networks, especially when large amounts of data is being transferring from A to B.


The only reason I see you would need GigE is if you are transferring huge amounts of data across your home network. For me, I have GigE in my house for several reasons. One is because I have a very large home network. But mainly because I have a few cameras around that monitor my home and home office. The audio and video from the cameras are streamed to through my network to my A/V server where they are stored until I archive them to DVD. So, I have a reason for the speed. Otherwise, if you are just running your everyday home network, 10/100Mb will be all you would need.


I may actually be insane.
He does at work, on dial-up at home *laughs*

*runs away*

I've got GigaBit ethernet here, it's being fully utilised by my 512k DSL :p :D


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SPeedY_B said:
He does at work, on dial-up at home *laughs*

*runs away*

I've got GigaBit ethernet here, it's being fully utilised by my 512k DSL :p :D
lol. thought it was too good to be true. surprised by the dial-up status though.. haha.

btw, the normal 10/100 fully utilises the 512k DSL connections, don't they??

Electronic Punk

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Yeah, I got 4m connection at work to our WAN.
Nothing like TSing into Scotland and abusing stuff there.

I can pretty much download anything I like as I know how to beat the proxy ;p

Electronic Punk

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Word is I will have broadband by the end of the year.
They didn't mention if the word "year" in this case mean't this year, decade or century.
I remain hopeful tho.

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